Friday, October 20

I will come...

I will come, not in person
To show you my presence.

I will come, not in thoughts
For your remembrance.

I will come, not like months
That you often fail to detect.

I will come, not like seasons
Whose arrival you expect.

I will come, with that rare sunset
When you are sitting alone

I will come, late in the even
When everybody’s gone.

I will come, like a lightning
That’s felt after it subdues.

I will come, in the long nights
To clear out your blues.

I will come, almost always
When you expect me not.

I will come, once in a while
To surprise you a lot.

(composed: 2nd January 1994)


It starts…
often with a smile
that stands lonely in a crowd.

A smile, that knocks
The innumerable doors of your memory
for refuge.

…and you give in.

It grows up from that
Like a nubile baby
Calling for your attention.

And you start caring,

The smile permeates
- into faith, quietly, silently…
Deep and Placid.

Your expectations grow,
As trust develops.

The faith stays long enough
…even becomes eternal
and you start feeling responsible.

Till envy sprouts out like a weed
To shatter its very existence.

(composed: 2nd January 1994)

Monday, October 16

An epitaph to Childhood...

When your memory approaches,
Cuddling the shores of my thought
I turn back those dust-laden pages
Recalling the events I forgot.

I remember that stormy encounter
Remember that reluctant parting
Inside my heart they flash and glitter
Inside my heart do they sing,
- the songs of together we spent
the words of love together we spelt.

Let me go deep into that time
And hold back those flitting moments,
- that we may frequently pine,
and recall in our lonely moments.

(composed: 11th March 1994)

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Never Away

When I wake up in the morn
From deep death-like sleep
Mutely I see the dawn
Its blooming rays trying to creep
Through the windows of my heart
Thumping fast its doors apart.

At once my thoughts go to you
And I think you’ve arrived
I open my doors to see within dew
The roses of my garden have revived
I stay on looking, excited and thrilled
And feel inside, my wounds being healed.

I smile and smile, wonder a while,
Why have I thought but of you
That the roses with an assuring smile
Suggested in the morning hue…

…though far from me you do stay,
yet from my heart, are never away!

(composed: 10th March 1994)

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Sunday, October 15

All Above

I remember the time
When we parted
Our hearts pained when
Each other we deserted.
Lots of promises
Were easily delivered
Lots of affections
Were mutually shared.

But now it seems
Promises we’ve forgotten
Waves of time flowed by,
Our flowers’ve been rotten.
It’s time we replace
The old buds of the past
The new flowers might bloom
To make us meet at last.

And so I offer you
The last fragments of my love
My longings may lag behind,
Friendship will remain all above.

(composed: 14th March 1994)

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Sunday, October 8

Words have life...

Words are like
fragments scattered from your memory.

They stay there
asleep all the time
between the countless pages of your mind.

You treat them like your slaves
- pulling each of them out
anytime you fancy;
and derive your comforts.

But you can rarely ever experience
the feel, the pang, the emotions
that held them once together.

(composed: 29th December 1993)

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A friend in a pen

It remains with you
through your childhood.

It sees you through your youth
and helps you through your testing moments.

It stays with you to give a shoulder to your sentiments.

It says your thoughts on its own…
When you’re mute in your blues.

It stays long enough with you
to see your life’s hues.

Indeed, a pen is
a very good and trusting friend.

(composed: 26th December 1993)

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What they really mean to us...

We come to know…
We talk.

We come to smile…laugh,
And enjoy the company;

We come to agree,
And let our thoughts match…
And even fight for our trifles.

We treat our days
months and years hence
and assume they are always there with us.

Yet one day we part –
vanish away from sight,
Leaving behind
the unfinished pages of memory.

And then we realize
How much we miss them.

Then we come to know
What friends really mean to us.

(composed: 23rd December 1993)

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Friends and chocolates...

In life,
Friends are like chocolates.

You enjoy the company
You like the taste.

You like the flavour
- and then long for another
when it is gone.

Till you find another…
And your need grows;

But you hardly remember,
the name, the flavour…
…until you have, the older one again.

(composed: 21st December 1993)

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People come and go...

People come and people go
- like the moments, hours and days.

Some stay for quite a while
To give you company,
Give you grace.

Some stay for hours long
To solve your problems in distress.

Some stay for days and months
to help fight your loneliness.

Yet are some who stealthily come
To be your memory – which stays.

To see you young, see you fresh,
…to see your jubilant smiling face.

(composed: 21st December 1993)

Saturday, October 7


Time may come, time may go
Opportunities rise, sometimes fast, often slow
Life plays cruel jokes on us
Laggers get ahead, sloggers lick dust.

But life’s not easy
- not a bed of fragrant roses!
You invent for yourself
The ways to deal with your phases!

(composed: 24th January 1992)

The wings of the sparrows flitter in joy
The leaves on the edges
Of the twigs wager
The warm breath of the humans fall,
- the clock ticks forever,
And so the days speed past…
…and as we wake up in each morning,
our years steadily move ahead of us.

(composed: 4th January 1992)

Warm up...

When the fog of the dawning
With its whispering drips,
The shiver of the morning
With its whistling sips;

When the breeze of the winter
—gently sweeps
And the warm purring sunlight
—mellowingly creeps... wake me up
from my cozy sleeps
to seek me out
with arresting grips;

Your intense desire, calls me there,
And I tread up to you, O’ beloved nature.

(composed: 4th January 1992)

Friday, October 6

Infants to our Destiny

There goes the time,
there goes the year,
with all its cherished glories.

There goes with it
A fraction of our life!
A fraction, that bounds with it,
- enormous joy, merriment,
And sentiments too!

A fraction that takes away
A host of our experiences;

But we still remain a child
- to the world around us!
Child to its million mysteries,
Million facets of its existence.

As we grow, and grow by years,
It’s strange, when we pause,
- sit and realize...

However mature we might be,
We’d remain infants to our destiny!!

(composed on 27th December 1990)

Thoughts on a New Year's eve

Sometimes the words fail,
To speak out the needful,
Sometimes the voices fail,
To voice out the words!

Sometimes the speeches fail,
To deliver the feelings
But true sentiment remain,
Constant, juvenile, forever…

Truly it still remains,
- it still exists,
as the frail year cripples down.

The nostalgic thoughts,
The thoughts of hope
- thoughts of missed opportunities…
...remain subdued, suppressed;

Painted only, by the exciting,
Lingering joy of the New Year!!

(composed on 27th December 1990)

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Thoughts to a friend...

The winter is here,
(and so is your birthday)
and has gripped us tight!

The days are shorter, the nights longer
Too much rest at homes,
In front of fire, under the rugs,
- cozy warmth, and time to enjoy!

But winter takes me back
Down to that street, through which I passed,
- the last frosty eves…

…lying at the corner, huddled together,
…two innocent lads…

No fire to warm, no kins to be with,
staring the world go fast by,
with big dazed eyes!

I kept quiet, lokked with pity,
- and so did others:
And I moved on, like the others!

Helpless was I, perhaps;
- failed even to shed a tear for them!

And yet never did I care,
To offer them a cloth, a rug or two…
…or perhaps even some love!

This age has made me so rude
…my conscience so dead!!

(composed 10th December, 1990)

Entry Denied...

I came to see the flight of life
I came to see its glory
I claimed to have my share of delight
But refused of my dowry!

I searched and searched over the earth
To have a place to hide
I got a place to live and stay
But thrown out in the night

I got and touched my lovely fate
I hugged and kissed it in haste
I got assured of my place in life
But thrown out to the waste!

(composed 7th January 1989)

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Defeated Wishes...

Hopes dissolved in time’s quake
And I kept on watching them die!
Desires shrunk in emotion’s lake,
While I looked on with a sigh!

Highly expectant I went there,
With lots of wishes in heart;
But saw you, O’ darling dear
Enjoying youth, bathing in dirt!

I tried and tried, but in vain,
To take you home, call you by name,
But each try was scorned by feign
Each call defeated by your game.

Helpless and lonely, in defeat,
I traced my path to home
Sad and depressed I slowly laid
The dying flowers to moan.

I came to realize that wishes
not always had to be true;
…from dust had myself I sought
that dust has snatched you!

(composed 31st Jan 1988)

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Welcome to my space...

Hello to you all! I’m an amateur writer trying to make a difference in the communication world through effective writing.

Although I have been writing since I was a teenager, it was not a regular phenomenon. After spending more than a decade to do what I was fated to do for a living, I’ve sort of taken a break, and am trying to give care and attention to what I'm passionate about… ie. expres myself in writing.

This is my second attempt to publish my poetry in print. These pieces were written during 1980-2000 - perhaps the most productive phase of my writing till date, since this period saw me thru the junior and senior high school, college, struggles to establish a vocation, professional education, first job and few years thereafter...

As a result, most of these talk of the stages of small & big failures, and struggles of life and living during those days.

I sincerely hope that by sharing these with you, I’d be able to be compassionate with similar feelings which you all are going through currently.